Bring your community together online – help them integrate and keep everything in one place – help your clients and it helps you too

When you help your clients to integrate gracefully it helps your mission too GO SMOOTHLY TOO


Everything you need to create a safe, private integration space for you and your people

Some facilitators just like you who became AfterPlant integration partners

See what you can do


It's not just amazing software, we also offer our support - integration templates, tools and content for you to share and if you need integration support there are options for us to host group callS for your guests

With our support, you’ll receive not only an integration partner but you will cultivate a community so valuable and well-designed that it essentially runs itself, as a result your mission will feel rejuvenating and your business will thrive

What our Facilitators have to say about

“We feel so relieved to have this kind of technological and spiritual support with our mission as healing facilitators. AfterPlant is helping us to work so much more easily an be so much more efficient with all levels of communication with our retreat guests. Whatsapp, worked well at first asa way to keep everyone connected and now we have just out grown it. AfterPlant goes way beyond all the other social media apps we were using and it is specific to exactly our line of work. It brings everything together in one spot and makes everything a whole lot easier. Thank you Julia.” JA & JS


and groups in the afterplant village

Your Groups and Courses are Private or Secret and Unlimited

You can have as many Topics as you like

Post Events, Articles, Videos, Polls and Questions, have a welcome section and featured section. 

Use the group chat, direct message or send all your members a message at once. 

Schedule posts that can notify all members in your group or post events in your events section fo Zoom or in person meetings and Retreats and use the RSVP functionality.

Your communication and content with your community is secure and focused.  Your network content, member info and private messages are not viewed, used or owned by FB,  What5app or anyone else for that matter. 


You can invite your members from within the platform and manage your entire group of people from a mobile app you can download on your phone. 

Keep everything in one place – integrated technology for your spiritual integration group. How amazing is that. As above, so below. 

You and your members sign up through a private AfterPlant network that is not public or searchable online and is only accessible by our integration partners  (and their community members) who have gone through our application process.

To keep AfterPlant secure and to give you and your community the integration support they need 

You and your members can interact with other members on the platform. Share experiences and meet people with similar interests near to you or interested in connecting with you.

Our pricing options are monthly and yearly. Please contact us to determine your needs. 


Please contact us we would be happy to set up a time to discuss your needs and the different pricing plans we offer.

Becoming an integration partner means that you also will have an opportunity to feature information about your services on our open community platform. 


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 Please contact us so we can learn the details of your project.

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