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I had no idea what integration was and why it was important. I began utilizing the tools and my life began to transform rapidly! After each subsequent plant medicine ceremony, my integration time afterwards became much smoother, with less and less upset and “bumps” along the road. Amazingly, the tools I learned to use, I now use in every area of my life. The techniques and support to apply those techniques are a now pivotal part of my daily practice.

I would recommend  AfterPlant and the eCourses to anyone who has been working with any of the Master Plants. AfterPlant provides the structure that every person needs while integrating any type of awakening. With this program and group, I gained so much more from all my previous ceremonies.
Thank you Julia and the AP team!! I will be forever grateful and I love you so much!!!!!!

Hannah Gresser


When I began this course I felt STUCK.

I was going through a rough patch after ending a 9-year relationship and experiencing a physically painful miscarriage.  I couldn’t even clean my house because I didn’t know where to start because I couldn’t make a decision. 

I went to a local Ayahuasca ceremony  while I was taking this course and then throughout this course, decade-old beliefs, emotions, and programming were brought up and cleared out.  I discovered feelings that I had inherited from others and was able to release all of them. I am now able to identify when the Universe is speaking to me through my dreams and how to understand what she is saying.

I came into this awakening integration course feeling stuck and defeated, and I am leaving this course feeling empowered spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Maria Joyner


Jules has been one of the most important people I have ever had the honor of meeting in my entire life. Ever since I met her, the synchronicities started going through the roof – and I am so honored to have received not only a plant medicine genius, an integration specialist, but someone so out of this world that she is fully, deeply in it more than the vast majority of people I’ve ever met.

She saw me before my earth-shattering plant medicine experience, she saw me after, and she has held space for the continued transformations of my entire life and consciousness. I’m deeply grateful for her and the universe for having brought us together, as we have a potent connection that is ripe with truly world-changing potential. If you are considering working in any capacity consider yourself truly blessed and don’t hesitate. Jules deeply embodies Love and Truth and that’s what we all need.

Lars King

I love all the amazing people I get to meet here. People talking about things that actually matter. I have so many friends that are now jumping on the plant medicine train and I am so glad they have AfterPlant to join. I know when I got back from my retreat in Costa Rica it would have made my life a whole lot easier to have access to this kind of information.


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